If inevitable is hunger unavoidable is Bar BQ Village. If fresh, healthy and delicious food is your style of dining out, you have reached your destination.

Home is the place we never remember because we have never forgotten it and neither is forgotten the tantalizing taste of the authentic spices and food prepared using them.

Now Bar BQ Village & Juice Bar has opened its doors for the best Halal fine dining experience you will have ever witnessed in town.

You will be taken in by the friendly interior and aesthetics the moment you enter the restaurant. Themed, to be like an Eastern Village the interior gives you the complete feel of coziness and relaxation.

Get yourself prepared with our authentic South Asian appetizers. A little nibble here and there gets you started.

It is time for entrées. Choose your meal from most authentic Halal Bar BQ in Houston. With flavors and spices from South Asia and specially picked and treated by our Chef, the Bar BQ will tantalize your taste buds. Apart from Bar BQ we have several different varieties to choose from.

All natural refreshers would help your sip-in. In the horrendous Houston heat nothing is a treat than getting soothed by pure juices.

Your sweet tooth would be homemade ice cream from the various choices. Kulfi and Falooda, two specialties in the Asian world, would also give you the taste which stands apart. Shaved ice candy or as we call them Gola Ganda would be a perfect delicacy to beat the heat.

Ah the most important part! “Prices”, don’t worry your pocket is going to love it.

Bar BQ Village & Juice Bar – Food is happiness. We serve it

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